School building renovation




Woldgate School and Sixth Form College, Pocklington, York


Woldgate School and Sixth Form College


Kingfisher Windows

Optima Casement Windows from Profile 22 at the heart of a major renovation project

Optima Casement Windows were a central part of a £1.3 million renovation project at Woldgate School and Sixth Form College in Pocklington near York

In May 2017, Woldgate School secured £1.3 million for improvements toits buildings from the Department for Education. The funds were to cover work including the removal and replacement of external walls not of brick construction, as well as windows and doors, many of which were the originals from when the school was first built. The older buildings would also have their roofs replaced as part of the project.

Profile 22 Approved Window Contractor Kingfisher Windows was appointed principal contractor for the works. The company undertook the design, manufacture and installation of the window element of the project and worked closely with trusted sub-contractors to deliver other aspects to the high standards the project demanded.

Optima Casement Windows from Profile 22 deliver the ideal commercial solution

Optima from Profile 22 is one of the most widely specified commercial systems thanks to its impressive list of benefits that help specifiers meet even the most demanding of requirements. Jonny had no hesitation in specifying the system for use on Woldgate School.
Optima delivers optimal thermal performance, achieving a 1.2 W/ m2K U-value as standard, with U-values as low as 0.8 W/m2K possible. It is PAS24 compliant as standard, with Secured by Design options available as well. In its aesthetics and versatility, it sits comfortably in any architectural style. For Woldgate School, grey on white casement windows were specified with grey tinted solar control glazing on south facing elevations.

A complex installation managed with skill and patience

A number of factors made the renovation project at Woldgate School potentially interesting, not least the fact that initial works took place during term time, which meant careful planning to minimise disruption to the school day. Jonny said: “We are experienced in working on sites with demanding requirements so we worked closely with the school to ensure work could continue at pace without having an impact on pupils’ learning.”

Work on the project started during the May half term of 2017 and was completed by the start of the Autumn term in September.


Now the project is complete, Jonny looks back at the work Kingfisher has undertaken with pride: “We are delighted to have played such a big role in improving school facilities for the next generation,” he says. Headteacher of Woldgate School Jonathan Britton said: “We are confident, following this initial work, we will secure additional funding to continue this programme of investment and ensure our school has the very best facilities within our locality.”

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