Profile 22 Tilt & Turn Window System

Product features

  • U-values as low as 0.8W/m²K
  • Acoustic performance up to 44 dB
  • Choice of 24, 28, 36, 40 and 44mm glazing options
  • 5-chamber system to increase thermal performance
  • 5-chamber outer frame with optional Regrind material inserts available
  • Available in a range of 30 colours including dual options
  • Secured by Design approved
  • PAS 24 as standard
  • Available profile shape:

    Chamfered Sculptured


    The Profile 22 Tilt & Turn Window has been expressly designed for installation in high, exposed or difficult access locations. The clever design provides superior sightlines and a higher glass-to-frame ratio, which makes it an excellent choice for commercial projects. The Profile 22 Tilt & Turn Window is available in sculptured and chamfered variations.

    The reassurance of secure all-round locking delivers a reliable and strong window with superb overall aesthetics due to its elegant and streamlined frame aesthetics.

    As with all Profile 22 products, a wealth of options from colour to thermal efficiency to security, gives you the scope you need.

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