Profile 22 French Door System

Product features

  • Designed to achieve 0.8 W/m²K
  • Acoustics up to 44 dB
  • Outer frame / sash centre seals
  • 10mm cover on weather seals
  • Secured by Design approved
  • PAS 24 as standard
  • Available profile shape:

    Chamfered Sculptured


    The Optima French Casement Window, with its symmetrical opening panes, offers good ventilation, unrestricted views and the possibility of an emergency-escape route. Offering an impressive glass-to-frame ratio due to the slim, unobtrusive profiles, the Optima French Casement Window delivers the best ratings for passive solar gain. As with all Optima products, the French Casement Window offers exceptional weather tightness and thermal insulation making it a window suitable for all applications.

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