Epwin launches Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) in social housing research

Epwin Window Systems is proud to announce the launch of its latest independent research project ‘Building for the Future – MMC in social housing’.

Combining the results of a survey of social housing professionals with desktop research, the research offers insight into the use of Modern Methods of Construction, such as modular, by UK social housing providers.
This research follows Epwin’s ‘Building for the Future’ and ‘Building for the Future – Social Housing’ research projects, which asked architects and social housing providers what they thought would influence housing design and build over the coming decade.

Sonia Travis, Head of Commercial Sales at Epwin Window Systems, said: “We have over 40 years’ experience of supplying social housing and Epwin has been at the forefront of driving or responding to innovation in construction and home design since the 1970s.

“Modular construction isn’t a new concept and the potential reported benefits are numerous, however these construction methods still aren’t commonplace in the UK.

“Some large social landlords are investing in manufacturing facilities, and we are now working on a small number of modular developments, however it is not clear how many social housing providers are using MMC and why the uptake of these construction methods has been so slow?

“Modular homes appear to have finally reached that commercial tipping-point that makes them a viable, scalable option, so are smaller social landlords now using MMC? If not, why not?

“This research examines these very issues, and the survey of UK social housing providers has uncovered some interesting results.”

Sonia concludes: “By commissioning independent research which enables us to better understand the challenges facing our customers, and by placing innovation at the heart of everything we do, we are able to constantly develop new solutions and technologies that meet the demands of our ever evolving built environment.”

To download the full research document please visit buildingforthefuturemodularhousing.epwin.co.uk, you can also receive updates by following @EpwinWSystems on Twitter.

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