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Epwin Launches New Advanced RCM Reinforcement

The Epwin Group has unveiled its new recycled composite material (RCM) reinforcement introduced as part of its ongoing commitment to drive forward sustainable modes of manufacture.

With more than 30 years experience Epwin Group companies are at the forefront of research and development in the low maintenance window and door and cellular building products sector, manufacturing a wide range of advanced, sustainable and energy efficient products.

The new RCM reinforcement is the Group’s latest innovation. Introduced to PVC-U window and door ranges throughout the Group, RCM is manufactured from waste PVC-U. Its launch not only brings waste material back into use but by replacing steel and aluminium sections in the window construction process it delivers a wide range of benefits.

This includes cutting out a substantial slice of the labour involved in the recycling process. Old windows inevitably contain steel which needs to be separated from PVC-U before it can be recycled. By contrast windows that have been strengthened with the RCM can be recycled as whole products, saving time, cutting costs and delivering a better quality of recycled material.

Not only is the RCM reinforcement fully recyclable but as part of an advanced new generation of windows it also makes it easier to deliver higher window energy ratings. With a thermal resistance value of -0.17 W/mk RCM is an excellent insulation material, especially in comparison to traditional reinforcement materials including steel and aluminium, which have thermal resistance values of 50W/mk and 160W/mk respectively.

This is helping group companies and its customers to develop a new generation of energy efficient windows that are cutting the amount of energy lost from our homes, helping to make them warmer and more comfortable but also to cut energy consumption and by implication, carbon emissions.

Jim Rawson, chairman, the Epwin Group said: “The Epwin Group is fully committed to minimising the impact our operation has on the environment.

“While we are investing in a new generation of energy efficient and sustainable products which will make homes warmer and more comfortable for the consumer, we are also looking at all aspects of our business for opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint.

“Many of the Epwin Group companies have already completed the ISO14001 environmental accreditation while others will complete it shortly. And while we are doing are utmost to reduce waste, that which we do create is now being recycled and put back into use through RCM, closing the loop on the recycling process.”

RCM also has additional benefits over traditional reinforcements. Although steel reinforcements are galvanised to guard against corrosion, when cut the tip is left exposed and this can lead to rusting. RCM is made from PVC-U and doesn’t corrode or oxidize, therefore there is no risk of rusty swarf deposits post drilling. And because it can be welded, it can increase corner weld strength by 20 per cent, while also delivering a greater screw pull out value than steel.

Rawson adds: “As a Group we are constantly developing new innovations which benefit our customers whether fabricator, installer or social housing provider or end user.

“The RCM reinforcement is an important innovation, closing the loop on the recycling process and driving greater efficiency within our operations and externally in supporting our customers in developing advanced new products that are easier to manufacture and that deliver tangible benefits to the end user and the environment.”

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