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Epwin Window Systems’ Connect platform celebrates its first anniversary

Epwin Window Systems’ ground-breaking digital integrated platform, Connect, is celebrating its first anniversary this month. Gerald Allen, Head of Marketing at Epwin Window Systems, said: “Connect was designed to help fabricators and installers access the vast range of business support available to them and, in doing so, help them drive sales, grow profit and simplify the access points. We’re delighted to see it delivering on its remit.”

Reflecting the value that it adds, nearly 550 installers, fabricators and trade counters have already signed up to the platform.

The most popular sections of the site are the U-Comply N Customer Portal, which allows users to calculate the thermal efficiency ratings of their products, the technical bulletins that advise customers on the latest product updates and the image gallery, a comprehensive library of professional images for use in marketing materials.

Gerald commented: “Epwin Window Systems’ customers are committed to making sure their products offer the latest thinking and meet the latest requirements. This is reflected in their use of the technical sections of the site which our customers have found invaluable. The importance of high-quality marketing is reflected in the use of the images downloaded from our gallery along with the various POS options.”

Customer feedback on the Connect portal has been very strong.

Daniel Caddy, Sales Director at Caddy Windows Limited, said: “Connect is a great tool for our business! We can access information on the products we sell and install along with access to government-funded training to help the next generation learn their way in our industry!”

Matthew Dunne-Smith of Oswestry Windows and Doors said: “Having access to the widest range of marketing, digital, technical and PR support is incredible and is something we would never have been able to achieve ourselves. Connect is another level of support for us to tap into – it’s a hugely impressive platform that is bringing us great advantages.”

Only a systems company with the size and scale of Epwin Window Systems could have delivered a platform on the scale of Connect. As one of its users, Matthew Spooner, Director of World Group Property Improvements Limited, says: “It makes life so much easier and it’s the best digital resource platform that I’ve seen. It’s fantastic.”

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