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Stillage Terms & Conditions

For the purpose of this documentation stillages refer to the steel structure used for the transport and storage of PVC-U, Aluminium and steel reinforcing products between Epwin Window Systems and our approved customer and supplier base.

1.1) The Customer/ supplier agrees that any and all stillages used for the delivery of the products will remain the property of Epwin Window Systems. The customer/ supplier further agrees to take all reasonable measures to secure, maintain and insure (on a full replacement basis noting the Supplier’s interest) this property.

1.2) The customer/ supplier shall inspect the stillages used to store product on a regular basis to ensure the integrity of the stillages is not compromised by damage or exposure to the elements. Damaged or compromised stillages must be unloaded and quarantined, and then returned to Epwin Window Systems. Liability for the integrity of the stillages whilst in the possession of the customer/ supplier is the customer’s/ supplier’s responsibility. The costs for necessary repairs of damages to stillages that occur at the customer/ supplier premises will be covered by the customer/ supplier. Any physical alterations to the stillages made by the customer/ supplier will deem them unfit for purpose, and in such circumstances Epwin Window Systems reserves the right to charge the customer/ supplier for the cost of the stillage/s.

1.3) The provision of stillages for storage on the customers’/ supplier’s property will be at Epwin Window System’s discretion and the maximum number of stillages allocated will be confirmed to the customer/ supplier on completion of 1 months’ trading. The customer/ supplier will ensure stillages are emptied and returned so as not to exceed agreed stillage stock levels. Epwin Window Systems reserves the right to either;
(a) remove stillages which exceed the allocated amount from the customers’/ suppliers’ property, having given 1 weeks’ notice of the intention to do so or;
(b) to invoice the customer/ supplier for excess stillages at the current market value.

1.4) Storage of stillages and their contents on the customers’/ suppliers’ premises will follow these guidelines:
(a) Stillages must be placed on level ground of a composition suitable to withstand the load exerted by stacked stillages and their contents
(b) All stillage feet must be fully located with the stillage below to create a vertical stack
(c) Stillages must not be stacked more than 5 high
(d) Stillages must not be climbed upon for access above ground level
(e) Stillage contents must not exceed 1.2 tonnes in weight
(f) Product within the stillages should be evenly distributed
(g) Stillages must only be used for the sole purpose of storing Epwin Window system product

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