Approved Commercial Scheme

Re-thinking commercial project support

The Approved Commercial scheme (ACP) is a complete project support, helping you win more projects, grow and retain your presence in the commercial space. Our team constantly seek ways to secure opportunities for our Approved Commercial Partners to quote, supply and install Epwin window Systems PVC-U and Aluminium window and door range, creating a seamless collaboration.

We go a step further to deliver a construction lead generation service tailored to the project preferences of our Approved Commercial partners; meaning less time searching for projects and more time making sales.

Make use of our technical expertise

Our team go through the whole construction process – from the planning phase, to creating design solutions, to the dismantling of scaffolding. Because one size doesn’t fit all, we take the time to understand the requirements and assist in any technical enquiries to recommend the best approach to support all the stakeholders involved in the project.
From window loading calculations, load bearing calculations and thermal simulation, maintenance and location, our experts consider all factors to provide bespoke solutions for your project.


We’re always by your side

Whatever the complexity of the project – multi-storey residential, education or healthcare – you can count on a team with extensive knowledge on the industry to tackle any challenge. We carry out pre and post construction site surveys to offer better design and technical recommendations. If there is any concerns on site, we can assist to ensure all requirements are met, every time.

Lead generation

A personalised lead-generation service to track opportunities that are relevant to you.

Bid consultancy

Helping to assess and add value to your tender documents.

Design service and technical advice

Thermal testing
Wind-loading calculations
Load-bearing calculations


Free Barbour ABI licence
3 monthly industry reports
PR and Marketing service

Sharing our knowledge

Ongoing commercial training courses to help you become more effective.

Resource hub

Access materials, services and construction leads in our resource hub, Connect.