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Framexpress celebrates 25 years as an Epwin Window Systems fabricator

Telford’s Framexpress is celebrating 25 years as an Epwin Window Systems fabricator – and 25 years in business. This dual commemoration not only symbolises the success and resilience of the business, but also underscores the commitment to excellence that has been the cornerstone of Framexpress since its inception in 1998.

Mark Westbrook, joint Managing Director with Stuart Green, said: “It’s an incredibly exciting time at Framexpress, as 2023 marks 25 years of us doing exactly what we say on the tin – offering a fast, efficient service and brilliantly manufactured products. We’re proud to say we’ve been an Epwin Window Systems fabricator since day one.”

To mark the anniversary, Lawson Price, Technical Manager and Neil Dattani, Key Account
Manager at Epwin Window Systems, presented Mark and Stuart with a commemorative plaque. Lawson said: “2023 is a significant year for Framexpress. We’re delighted to have been part of their story from the very beginning – and look forward to the next 25 years!”

Framexpress was launched by Stuart Green and Mark Westbrook in 1998 after an extensive career in the glazing industry with the Epwin Group.

The business fabricates the Optima and PatioMaster systems, including the Triple Track option. Mark commented: “Our ethos at Framexpress has always been built on achieving the highest standards on every product we deliver. That starts with the systems we choose to manufacture. We literally know Epwin Window Systems products from the inside out and we’ve never had any reason to look beyond what they have to offer.”

The wisdom of the decision to manufacture Epwin Window Systems is borne out in Framexpress’s journey since it was founded. It has grown from a company of four people to a team of more than 140 people today. It has vastly expanded its manufacturing premises in Telford to in excess of 50,000 sq ft. It carefully nurtures its relationships with its more than 400 regular customers across the UK.

Twenty-five years with one supplier is a significant milestone, especially when it’s matched with 25 years in business. It’s testament to the strength of the relationship – and the quality of the products that are fabricated.

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