A++ Energy Efficiency

Our windows and doors help you to stay warm and cosy in your home, so you can relax in comfort.

One of the many benefits of PVC is that it offers excellent insulation. We mould this into multi-chambered profiles for our windows and doors, which traps air to form an insulating barrier. Our aluminium options make use of thermal break technology to separate the inside of the frame from the outside, keeping heat in.

Whether you choose our PVC or aluminium products, all are built with efficient seals and fit seamlessly, so you can say goodbye to draughts and cold spots. Beyond the frames, glazing is also critical and we boost the performance of the glass we use to retain warmth and contribute to passive solar gain.

The result is truly energy efficient windows and doors. These meet current regulations of a Window Energy Rating (WER) of C – and can be further enhanced in many cases to achieve A and even A++ ratings.

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