Bifold, Patio & French Doors

Open up your living space and fill your home with natural light with our bifold, French and patio doors.

Bifold doors make a stunning statement, with floor to ceiling glass bringing the outside in. These can be configured with 3-7 panes and combined with fixed panes for a larger feature. Patio doors are more space efficient, with sliding panels to make a smaller room feel light and airy. French doors are an elegant option for access to the garden or to throw open on a warm day and can be installed almost anywhere from kitchens to porches.

Whatever the style, all our doors boast first-class security and weather-proofing. Multi-point locks, hook-latches and anti-jacking technology keep intruders out, while toughened energy efficient glass and a choice of double or triple glazing ensures a comfortable living space all year round.

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