How Epwin Window Systems’ PVC-U windows can help you meet your net zero targets


You will no doubt have stretching environmental targets in place to help you decarbonise and support the government’s 2050 net zero target. Reaching these targets will mean considering the environmental implications in every decision you make.


The good news is that some decisions will be easier than others.


Take the windows and doors in properties as an example. When the time comes to replace them, choosing products from Epwin Window Systems could be a wisedecision. Our commitment to the environment is evident in our products and the way we run our business. It means we are a valuable partner on your net zero journey.

In the first instance, our windows are designed to deliver exceptional thermal efficiency so they can help reduce carbon emissions from heating and cooling. They reach minimum legal thermal efficiency requirements as standard. Many of our products are capable of meeting the most stringent thermal efficiency requirements, including Passivhaus, the leading international low energy
design standard.


However, this is just the start of what we have to offer.

We take care over the construction of our products. Our PVC-U windows and doors have a lifespan of up to 40 years and are fully recyclable up to ten times. We include a high level of recycled PVC-U in our products to reduce the embodied carbon without compromising appearance or performance. Our Recycled Composite Material (RCM) Thermal Inserts enhance thermal performance are made from 100% recycled PVC-U. The also improve screw retention to ensure perfect hardware positioning for a better visual appearance and lower maintenance requirements.


We take care over the sourcing of our raw materials. We were the first UK systems house to achieve the VinylPlus® Product Label. The labelling scheme makes it easy for you to identify the most sustainable and high-performance PVC-U products. We also hold BES 6001 accreditation for responsible sourcing of construction products.


We manufacture all our products in the UK, which helps to reduce transport emissions. Our manufacturing facilities meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management.
Epwin Window Systems has a 20+ year track record of working with public and private sector organisations. We have maintained this record because we understand your requirements and have the solutions to meet them. Our environmental credentials and commitments are the perfect example of this.