Replace medium and high-rise windows without scaffolding


Save £££s with our unique, bespoke medium & high rise window solution. No scaffolding required, tried & tested in over 17,000 installations, quick & safe and can be used with any existing window system!


All Epwin Window Systems window products can be installed internally, whatever the window style.
● You don’t need to factor the cost of scaffolding into your budget, freeing up funds to spend elsewhere
● You have the flexibility to replace windows in phases to help you manage costs
● You can replace windows as a standalone project without having to complete other external works first
● You don’t have to have our windows already in place for us to replace them, our innovation means we can replace any window from any window system.


Proven approach
It’s a proven approach that’s already been used to replace 2,500 windows across four tower blocks in Birmingham and 15,000 windows across 37 tower blocks in Solihull.


Balance the books and address climate concerns Being able to replace windows as you need to without factoring in the cost of scaffolding is a huge advantage.
It helps you make savings and reduce costs to help balance the books. At the same time, it helps you maintain your property portfolio to improve residents’
homes and play your part in the UK’s zero carbon commitments.

Epwin Window Systems
● Innovation as standard
● Free consultation and design service
● 20+ year track record of working with housing associations and other public and private sector organisations.
It’s because of our willingness to seek innovations like these that drive the industry forward. It’s also because we provide a complete service that includes everything from
technical calculations and drawings to resident liaison.

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