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Stellar Lift & Slide Patio door opens up more opportunities

The Stellar Lift & Slide door from Epwin Window Systems supports current market trends perfectly with its slimline, clean aesthetics and quick fitting innovations. With the recent resurgence in sliding door popularity driven by consumer demand for a larger glazed area, the Stellar Lift & Slide door is fast becoming the sliding door of choice with installers.

Philip Parry, Business Development Director at Epwin Window Systems explains: “Like all of the products in the Stellar range, the Lift & Slide Door is an example of the exceptional results you get when a product is designed with the fabricator, installer and end user in mind. The Lift & Slide Door continues the Stellar innovation of utilising pre-gasketed profiles and our recently patented pre-gasketed aluminium knock-in beads. Not only is it quick and easy to glaze minimising installers time on site, it also delivers a neat, clean gasket line for a superior overall finish and eliminates common issues associated with systems relying on old fashioned and time-consuming installation techniques which can often deliver poor aesthetics further down the line.”

Available in 2, 3 and 4 pane variations, the Lift & Slide Door is suitable for openings of up to 6.5 meters. Sash widths of up to 3 metres wide are available with a choice of 96mm, 68mm and 50mm interlock widths to achieve the best combination of perfect sightlines and size capability. Combined with Stellar’s slim sightlines, it means the door delivers the large glass area and clean, pared-back aesthetics that are so desirable. Phil said: “There is a growing market looking to give their home something different to the more common bi-fold with the constraints that they can present, and the additional glazed area is welcome to those looking to maximise the amount of glass and minimise obstructions to their view”.

The doors are easy-to-use thanks to the use of Lift and Slide technology, which means there’s a built-in system that takes some of the weight when opening the panes. The range of threshold options means the door can meet various access needs including a low threshold for an almost seamless transition. Others are designed to offer easy access for wheelchairs and for more exposed locations.

The system has been fully UKAS approved to PAS24:2016 and exceeds all requirements for BS/EN6375-1,2 & 3 in its standard form, also meeting Secure by Design requirements with appropriate glazing.

The multi-award-winning Stellar aluminium system has been gaining plaudits since it came to market in 2019. It’s fast becoming the go-to aluminium system of choice with installers who appreciate it slimline aesthetics and ease of fitting. Phil concludes: “Epwin has set a new standard for the domestic aluminium system sector. Stellar is a pre-gasketed system offering superior aesthetics that is adaptable, attractive and simple to install and is available from a systems company with a customer-focused friendly approach, making it a true star performer.”

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