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Stellar’s ease and speed of fitting offers clear benefits to installers

Stellar, the double G Award-winning aluminium system from Epwin Window Systems, has been setting a new standard for the industry ever since it was launched last year. And one of its features is proving more important than ever at the moment: its speed and ease of fitting.

Gerald Allen, Marketing Manager at Epwin Window Systems, explained: “Maximising productivity will be at the top of installers’ minds at the moment. Stellar was designed from scratch to take aluminium systems to the next level and one of the ways it does this is by being exceptionally easy and quick to fit. It means installers can install the products much more quickly therefore reducing the time needed at a customer’s home which is imperative at this challenging time.”

There are several reasons why Stellar is so easy to fit. It is fully internally glazed and it uses patent-pending knock-in beads which makes glazing rapid. The system has flat rebates so fitting glazing packers is simple and because the frames are flat-backed, it’s simple to position them perfectly. Installer Darren Young of DP Young Joinery in Stoke-on-Trent summed up the experience of fitting Stellar: “I recently fitted my first Stellar bifold door and it was the best bifold I’ve ever fitted. I saved loads of time because the beads clipped in and it gave the neatest finish I’ve ever seen, plus the speed of fitting, about an hour quicker than a comparative aluminium bifold door, meant we reduced the time spent on site. As a result, we have secured more work for the Stellar bifold door with consumers.”

Gerald commented: “The ease with which Stellar can be both fabricated and installed is impressive and it’s an element of the system’s design that has never been more important with the industry manufacturing and fitting in the ‘new normal’. Combined with the undoubted aesthetic appeal of the system, it makes it a powerful proposition.”

Stellar has the slimmest sightlines on the market – it is at least 30% slimmer than the main competing systems, which delivers a 12% larger glass area. The system comprises a Flush Casement Window and a Fully Flush Casement Window, which is unique in the market as the only aluminium window to offer flush lines inside and out. There is also a Bay Window, a Flush Door, and a Bifold Door.

Gerald concluded: “Installers looking to improve productivity levels and give themselves

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