The Stellar Bifold Door is fast becoming the go-to solution for installers

Since its launch, the Stellar aluminium Bifold Door has been grabbing headlines due to its quick fitting properties which have proved popular with installers. The fast-fit benefits of the Stellar Bifold have been further echoed by Langport Glass and Glazing in Somerset. Justin Davies, one of the founders of Langport Glass and Glazing, says: “We have been fitting PVC-U and aluminium bifold doors for over five years and the Stellar door is by far the best door we have ever fitted.”

He adds: “The time it saves us on site is incredible. The knock-in beads are superb and the whole system seems to work perfectly because little or no adjustment is needed. Even the glass can be toe-and-heeled without having to force the glass to breaking point, which we have found on other bifold systems. We’ve fitted five Stellar Bifold Doors so far and we are very happy with everything.”

Langport Glass and Glazing purchase their Stellar Bifold Doors through The Window Store, a nationwide trade counter network which, for 40 years, has been offering a high-quality range of windows and doors to the trade and public. Richard Payne, Regional Manager at The Window Store, said: “We introduced Stellar to our range this year and we have witnessed a rapidly increasing demand for the Stellar Bifold Door. Feedback has been encouraging with our customers telling us they can fit the Stellar Bifold Door with complete confidence.”

He adds: “It’s fast and easy to fit. Plus, it doesn’t drop or drag out of the tracking system, so the number of call-backs is reduced, which helps installers protect their reputation and their bottom line. Of course, it’s a great-looking door, so end users are also delighted.”

The Stellar Bifold Door is part of the double industry-award-winning Stellar aluminium system from Epwin Window Systems. Patent pending knock-in beads make glazing quick and leave a neat, clean gasket line on the inside providing a better glass to frame ratio.

Richard concludes: “If installers want an easy way to add value to their business and protect their margins, the Stellar Bifold Door is a great choice. It’s as simple as that.”

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